Progress of the Slow Steady Sort


The book is hovering just around 57K as I continue to do line edits. I’ve been averaging about 10 pages a day. I don’t like the math that comes from that number but that’s been the reality. Managed to sqeak out 22 pages yesterday. That pace — if I can find the time — will finish me in about a week and I can get back to forward progress. I’d like be there, but someone’s got to line edit this thing. (Er, well, someone did. My mother, bless her retired professorial heart, bloodied the manuscript extensively during her visit last week.) It’s been a very educational process, this picking apart of my style and analyzing why it lies there like a dead animal instead of cavorting about the room like a squirrel on speed. This has been time well spent, but man, I’d really rather be doing 20 pages a day. 🙂

We’re planning on painting the dining room this weekend so tonight is priming night. It’s one of the smaller spaces to be done but it’s full of edges and angles and molding. Parts will be very time-consuming. A steady hand and all that. [Note to self: don’t get hopped up on caffeine today.] That will mostly finish the downstairs (but for the front sitting room, but since that has been filled with crap since the day we’ve moved in, I continue to forget that it is there). Actually a little more than half of the house is done. Next up is Widget’s room (the guest bedroom that has been reclassified as 2nd Child’s room since said second is on the way) and that’ll leave us with two bathrooms and a hallway to do. We might even finish before we think about moving out.

And the front room that, now that I’m thinking about it, would make a great room to spread out the manuscript and a couple of white boards to do the detail / plot thread walkthrough that needs to be done. Hmmmm….