Productive Monkey


Well, things things things. Finished up the first half of the paint in Widget’s Room (aka Unnamed Child #2) tonight while letting the final bits settle on “Upon Drinking a Half Glass of the Olde Saturnine Toade.” Now that is off to the Scribe Agency Lads and out of my hair.

I am dunkelweissen, by the way. That’s curious info for about six of you. The rest (including me) are going to have to drop by the Scribe Posse party on Saturday night at Wiscon (May 27th, in room, er, 634?) to find out what all the hoopla is about. Ostensibly it’s a book release party for ‘s Patron Saint of Plagues, but as per usual, there is madness afoot.

I had some thoughts about Patron Saint of Plagues but they are still in Internet quarantine. Soon, I think, they’ll get released to the world. But, in the interim, here are some thoughts on the latest release from the Positron Records Kompound, Komposi003. I had just come off the novel rewrite and verbose mode was still engaged. I go on a bit. Fortunately the folk at Igloo are forgiving.