The Check That Is In The Mail? I got it today. Along with a note from my agent that says (and I’m going to quote him because it speaks very highly of Scribe’s perseverance): “One of the original state goals of Scribe when we first started out was: find that one guy who wrote that cool ass book and get it published. That ‘one guy’ was of course you, and the ‘cool ass book’ was Souls of the Living.”

For those who haven’t heard the story, Kris first read Souls when it came across his desk during his intern days at [redacted so not to embarrass a certain New York publishing house that missed their chance early on]. He pushed for it then, and wasn’t able to convince his people to move on the book. He went off and started Scribe, TRACKED me down (and this was several years later when I had gone off to do other things, figuring the book would never sell), and let me do a complete from-scratch rewrite of the book (that he thought was sellable AS IT WAS).

The book is now published, and you all know it as Lightbreaker. The first outline of the book was written around the end of March, 1995. The first draft was written in a 60 day binge shortly thereafter. Fourteen years later, it is on the shelves.

It is there because Kristopher O’Higgins never gave up. Thank you, sir.