Now I’m Just Procrastinating


Spent the day doing the odd house things, well, mainly dealing with the door I needed to replace.  Yeah, you know, the one I had to cut a hole in so that I could rescue Solomon from having trapped himself in the bathroom.  (Yeah, not all the stories about being a new dad are eagerly posted to the web.)  Having done my Shining impression on Solomon about two weeks ago, I’ve had this hole in the bathroom door since and the replacement door finally arrived today. 

And, it turned out to be the wrong style.  The guys at Lowe’s were pretty nice about it and we all gathered around the computer system and agreed that the ordering software was for shit and none of us could tell with any confidence whether the single smooth hollow core slab model available was either an arch top or a cathedral top.  Which makes a difference when one is trying to match all the other doors in one’s house. 

Yeah, this door is going to end up costing me more than $40.  I can feel it. 

Then, sidetracked again on the whole PocketPC issue.  I’m trying to find a way to not have to lug my laptop with me every day especially when we move closer along the train route and I start walking to the train station.  A PDA that weighs in the ounces is much better to lug along than a laptop that clocks in at over five pounds.  So, looking for a model that will allow me to write (with portable keyboard naturally) while still providing me with some extra keen functionality because I am a toy whore.  Most of the evening was lost to running down coupons and rebates and product reviews.

So, now 11pm and I’m just getting down to writing.  And the first thing I need to do is cut the last 600 words I wrote last night. [sigh]