Novel(ty) Ideas, chasing the meme version


Memed from michaeljasper who, in turn, fell to into it from an NPR series called Novel Ideas. Three observations about process and, er, favorites.

How I Write: I predominantly write in two forty minute blocks during the day: the train commute in, the train commute out. If I get time over lunch or in the evening, bonus! But, for the general day to day push, it’s these two blocks, and I know it. You should see how quickly I jump on that train in the morning.

Writer’s Block Remedies: I’ve been exhausted and haven’t had the energy to write, but that’s not the same as blockage. In fact, I think it’s been a long time since I’ve been blocked. I’ve got enough projects half-finished at any given time that if the enthusiasm to write one isn’t there, there’s always work to be done on other things. I think being perpetually behind on projects certainly quells any upwelling of writer’s block. At least for me.

A Favorite Sentence: Well, there’s one from James Ellroy’s White Jazz that is burned into my brain. “Downtown, a dress for Meg–I do it every time I kill a man.” Just fuckin’ lean and mean, man. Just the leanest.

After that, I don’t have much, but I scrolled through SOULS looking for a favorite, and found a number that made me smile but they’re too contextually reliant to mean much when pulled out. Though, this one, yeah, this one kind of sums things up.

Solve this.” I slapped my palm against his throat, leaving salt, holy water and the hot imprint of my Will on his skin.

Solve being the requisite Latin reference, as in Solve et Coagula, that old alchemy chestnut.