Norwescon Happened. I Saw Parts.


I dragged myself home from Norwescon this afternoon. What had been planned as a very quiet, off-the-radar weekend of catching up with old friends turned into quite the little turn of business. Nightshade was in the house, and so there was the undirected (yet not unexpected) level of chaos and merriment that comes with having us all in the same hotel. I crashed a few panels, including one late this afternoon on what to do after selling that first novel, and for a Sunday afternoon panel, I think we (myself, Lisa Mantchev, and Michael Ehart) managed to actually have more bodies in the room at the end of the panel than when we started. Bonus!

More on the business-type things as they develop. More on other things too, a bit later in the week I think. I have to finish a paragraph or two for someone, and something else has to run its course. And Barth’s new book, The Magician and the Fool, comes out and I have to figure out if I’m playing him or he’s playing me.