No Longer Shiny


Personal technology shifts happen these days because of the “killer app.” For most of us. If we’re not the type who are chasing the bleeding edge of tech, then it’s the little things that will make us drop Old Reliable and get on with the New Shiny. We’ll put up with things that almost work because they are familiar, and we’re just waiting for the real excuse to move on.

My phone? Functional. Even takes pictures of my pocket at random times, just so I can be sure nothing is hiding in there. But it’s not fully .mp3 compatible for ringtones. Eh, that’s okay. I ponied up three dollars a while back and got a little Ennio Morricone, and I’ll live. It’s “reliable.”

Today, I see Free .mp3 based ringtones. From a wealth of sexy electronic acts–Thomas Brinkmann, Pan*American, Alvo Noto, Andrew Lilies, Andrey Kiritchenko, Deru, Jason Forrest, Loscil, Ontayso, Pole (and I’m just cherry picking names I like there; there’s a ton of others). Yeah, this is the “killer app” moment for me. Now, Old Reliable is definitely Not Shiny.