No Harry, Yes Pirates


No HARRY today. WisCon interrupted our (read mine) flow, and I ran a little late this month. So, this is a good time to get caught up as we’re about to hit the half-way mark, and the downhill side is going to roll faster than any of us thinks (especially me). It looks like next Friday is our target date which means you’ll only have to wait three weeks after that for Part 7.

Melissa and I skipped out to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End last night and, while I thought it ran about a half hour too long, it was quite diverting. Lots of fun bits (yes, bits, not enough to salvage the slack, but certainly more bits in better order than the second), and I laughed so hard at Keith Richards’ entrance that several of the eight other people in the theater were visibly annoyed. Killjoys.

Anyway, some good images that will get better as I rewrite them in my head as well as some truly amazing CGI/live action combinations. (The bit with the Endeavour at the end, for one. No, not that final bit which ran too long, but the run up bit where they try to kill all their stuntmen.) That is the best part of these sorts of films: they tell us that we’re not dreaming hard enough. And that’s definitely worth $20 and an evening of my time.