New Material At Membra Disjecta


I’ve got an article in the latest issue of Membra Disjecta. “The Shamanistic Technique of World Weirding” where I roll up some of the commentary on the Next Weird that’s been rolling around my head for the last few weeks. And I invent some new techniques, ’cause I’ll need them later.

Anyway, I’ve been deep in the editorial process with LIGHTBREAKER and spending the rest of my brain cycles trying to sort out the format for PSYCHOBABEL. I saw the light this weekend and realized no one, even me, wants to read an instruction manual, which has been liberating. It was a small albatross that I had been carrying around without completely knowing why.

I built a little one-time pad generator last night, which was sort of silly as I’m only going to need it ONCE, but writting the .php code was easier than trying to cycle through the alphabet several times by hand and making it seem random. That’s a sure sign that I’m not getting out enough.