Mark Your Calendars: March 17th


On March 17, the Paranormal Bender Tour will be winding up in Seattle at the University Bookstore. Four of the hot, young urban fantasy kids will be reading from their latest books (Mario Acevedo, Mark Henry, Caitlin Kittridge, and Cherie Priest). The evening will doubtlessly be a hoot as Mario and Mark do funny very very well, and Caitlin and Cherie both write sharp, highly capable protagonists who take no prisoners.

Such a gathering needs an opening act, of course. You don’t race right to the main event. You let everyone rattle around a bit, get comfortable, make that last stop off at the bathroom. While some trained monkey does his routine for a few minutes before the headliners come on. I get to be that monkey.

That’s right. March 17th. University Bookstore. 7pm. I’ll be reading for a real copy of LIGHTBREAKER. Not the dog-eared photocopy that I’ve been carrying around for the last six months. Not a crappily converted PDF on some wanktastic e-reader. A real book. Just like all the big kids have.

Listen up, my local peeps. This is your chance to get a head start on everyone else. There will be more than one copy. Night Shade has graciously made arrangements for a couple of boxes of Lightbreaker to wind up at the Bookstore in time for the reading. Everyone else will have to wait until April. So, if you can’t wait, and you’re within a hundred miles of Seattle, next Tuesday is your chance.

I doubt there will be extras. Plan accordingly. (Do you need to see the new cover again?).