Manifesto Alert and Book News


Every year, at Wiscon, the agents brew beer and subject their clients to some sort of hoop jumping. This year, the theme is manifestos, and indominable John Klima has been tasked with making our little wordy bits “presentable.” My contribution is the Markham Manifesto, and if you click forward in the flickr stream from there, you can see the others (belonging to Forrest Aguirre, Timothy Miller, Barth Anderson, Ben Peek, and Darin Bradley respectively).

What’s not to love about that? The fact that it’s on the hotel stationary, as if it was written a half hour earlier while in the bar? That it has blood, jaegermeister, wine, coffee, and “general smudginess” stains on it as well as a burn mark? (So typical of Markham, by the way; he is just incapable of not damaging things.) I will be reading Markham’s diatribe, “How I Came To Magick,” at the Saturday morning reading.

Speaking of Markham, the copy edits on LIGHTBREAKER are done and turned in, so I might as well mention there will be teaser material in the back for HEARTLAND, the sequel. Which will be coming out in the fall of ’09 from Night Shade Books.