Lightbreaker Sells Out


As you may have heard, Night Shade was kind enough to drop ship a box of Lightbreaker over to the University Bookstore in Seattle in time for the reading/discussion last night (more discussion than reading, as it turned out). So I got to sit up in front of roomful of folk with a copy of my book on the table in front of me.

(pic by my pal, Rich)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a panel (slumming at last year’s Norwescon, notwithstanding), and even longer than I’ve actually talked about Lightbreaker to a room full of people who haven’t some passing familiarity with it already. So, yeah, very brilliant things like, “It’s full of words and shit” came out of my mouth.

(My wife pointed out later that someone–not her–piped up from the audience and said, “More words than shit!” but I had already wandered off into that tiny little room in our heads where we keep all the instruments of self-torture.)

tbclone47 was kind enough to forward another picture where you can see me trying my best to imitate a man being strangled by an octopus.

Another important safety tip for writers newly annointed with the ‘Published Book!’ stamp. Find something to do with your hands when you’re on a panel. Really. Anything other than what you see me doing in the picture above.

Anyway, afterward, much to Duane’s pleasure (and, gee, let’s be honest, mine too), we sold out every copy.

Luckily, I got there early and snagged one for myself.

So, wee book, off you go. Have fun. The distribution channels should be getting theirs, and so the rest of the world will soon get a chance to fondle a copy.

I must go wrestle with Chapter 26 of wee book’s sibling, which is proving more complicated than it should be. I just have to decapitate a stone elemental and hack off someone’s arm (again). You think it’d be easy.