Just Like That


I put June down the other day, and while I was distracted over here, it expired. June 30th! The year is half over. There is a great deal of WTF? hand-wringing and head-shaking today, and I expect a little bit of it tomorrow too. And, after that, maybe some action, which is, still, a re-action, but eventually, if I manage to get my desk cleared off, it’ll be less “re-” and more “pro-.” Maybe.

And I think I’m going to un-apologetically come late to Jeff Vandermeer’s Amnesty Week For Apologies and apologize to myself for thinking that I needed to Keep Up. And, as a token of good faith, give myself permission to Fall Off The Map, with an added admonishment to Enjoy What Is There In Front of You.

There. Done.

I am still, however, behind on PSYCHOBABEL. That is a matter of Fear and Procrastination, which is an entirely different topic.