How Close?


I’m down to half a chapter and an epilogue. Okay, really, it’s just a “conversation.” The epilogue will shake itself out. One conversation to go. I am THIS close.

Unfortunately, this conversation has to distill 400 hundred years of alchemical research, the Tree of the Sephiroth/Qliphoth and Hermetic discussions of Divinity and the Demiurge. Because, you know, I just couldn’t blow shit up and be done. I have to have talking heads for a few pages first.

The one interesting thing I’ve discovered about my process during this rewrite is the approach to research. Research will kill you if you do it first. If you write what you want to write first and then research the “texture,” then what you find simply accentuates what is there. You know what you want to say, the research simply gives you the tools and terminology to express it better.

However, you still have to write it. One conversation left. The procrastination is underway.