Haunted Radio Signals


I’ve fallen off the radar in my listening habits over the last year. Too busy with active projects that require passive listening. I tend to avoid lyrics in my music, as they are distracting. Unless it is something that I’ve heard a hundred times, I try to sort out the lyrics and it tends to be distracting while I’m writing. The good news is that I’ve been writing enough that I just haven’t had time to listen to any much, but the bad news is that I am really behind on what sounds are out there.

Meredith Yayanos has a post at Coilhouse today about close listening and ghostly music. She talks about Joshua Zucker’s A Room Forever project which, had I a working turntable and a shitload of disposable income, I’d be all over. As I have neither, I must make do with Zucker’s podcast series: Roadside Picnic. I’m listening to “Solemn/Nostalgia” right now, and it is gloriously haunting.

Also Entia Non’s Lilt keeps loading and playing when I start my browser (the joy of persisting tabs across application launches), and I’ve finally gotten around to downloading the whole thing tonight, as every day I hear a little more of it. Every day, I wonder why it isn’t on my iPod and with me always.