Harry in May


Part Five of The Oneiromantic Mosaic Of Harry Potemkin is up. Please wander around and see what Harry has gotten himself into this month. Quite a bit of forward progress on a number of fronts, so there should be goodness for everyone.

I’m also going to try an experiment this month, and provide a cheat sheet. This’ll walk you through just the nodes that have been added this time. I had a few readers who saw the manuscript for May, and they commented that they liked that linear presentation, so, eh, what the heck?

Dream 5: Building the Perfect Man
»» Birds*
»» Drift
»» Equinox
»» Garden
»» Pliable (mailing list node – 9 replies)
»» Hermit
»» Suicide
»» Jerry’s Note
»» Reconstruction
»» Silence (mailing list node – 3 replies)
»» Threshold
»» Tool

*We put the art up on a page by itself, not only because nvonflue‘s art amazing (as always), but because we also hide a link to a node (or two) in the image. And yes, that one I’m going to leave off the cheat sheet. Can’t be all easy now, can it?