Getting To It


Wrote about four hundred words on the pirate book this morning. Not nearly ready (in my mind) to get started on it, but I always fear that I don’t have enough research under my belt to write something. The nature of this project is compounding that fear enormously but, frankly, if I don’t kick it off, then I’m never going to get anywhere. I took a few weeks off from the word while being home on family leave and, while that was a lot of fun in many ways, it always takes a little while to get these muscles back up to speed.

I think I need to arbitrarily pick a date for the book as well. Something like 1507. And just fill in my history to that point and be done with it. I’ve found just so many fascinating details in history to warp that it has been difficult to decide my cut-off point. I’m going to lose some regardless (good-bye Francis Drake!) so I might as well just get to it.

This is the obligatory “just get to it” post. For all of you who might need a similar kick in the butt to get moving again. Damn inertia.