Finishing and Procrastinating



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Finished the line edits of the first three fifths today. Burned through a hundred pages or so over the course of the week (an extra three hours of Starbucks time yesterday certainly helped). So, all that done and here I am at the blank page again. You would think during the course of the last two week crawl I would have actually “read” the book, but attention spent on the micro-level has left me bereft of much sense of what actually went on. In all the talking and shit.

Some day I will actually read this book. Probably when I’m ninety and discover an old dog-eared paperback on the back of someone’s toilet under a stack of US magazines. The cover and first few pages gone, I’ll get forty or so pages in before I realize why it seems so familiar.

But, in the meantime, I’m back to forward motion. Have an interesting chapter to write next. A lot of new stuff, followed by serious hacking. Dropping at least one whole chapter in the next few days. Down the drain, bye-bye. Good riddance. It was a fun idea but it puts in too much scientific talking-out-my-ass world-building that I’m going to have to live by later. And, why make rules that you’re going to hate adhering to?

Shot my way through the end of F.E.A.R. this evening as well. The world is safe again (as is my snoozing wife, all tangled up in pillows on the couch next to me, she has no idea how many bad guys I’ve dealt with in the last hour) and I am out of things to procrastinate with.

Oh, wait, taxes. Ah, that’ll suck up the weekend. 🙂