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I’ve known for awhile that the Prologue is wrong. It reflects an earlier understanding of the impetus of the book. Since the First Lie That Built The World was getting redrafted, I knew this had to be fixed. Of all the words that have been laid down on this book since Time Immemorial (read c. 1992), the Prologue has been spared the red pen. Tonight was its time. Now that I’ve worked my way to the end (well, 99% of the way), I’ve realized what the First Lie truly is. And now I have fixed the text, rubbed sand over the ink and buried the pages put back in a tin can filled with a solution of bat guano, squid ink, termite excrement (they do poop, in case you were wondering), moldy bread, blood and stink of the writer, eight ounces of Guinness and ground dark chocolate (78% pure or better). It needs to properly “sit” for a few days so that it looks like an authentic historical document. You know, a proper Gospel.