Farrago in April


I’m actually reading spam this morning. It’s a nice thing that Gmail caches it all automatically for me to peruse later. Who knew that random phrase arrangements would actually be handy? As research even. However, my needs aren’t entirely random, as you know. I’m that sort of obsessive.

It’s research for HARRY. The April chapter has been posted at Farrago’s Wainscot, along with their second issue of experimental and word-lickery goodness. There are stories from Hannah Wolf Bowen, Samantha Henderson, our favorite recent ex-pat Jason Lundberg, and Paul Jessup (he of the Post-Industrial Fantasty manifesto); poetry from Ryan Cornelius and Bryan D. Dietrich, along with an interview Dr. Bradley did a while back with Al Brilliant, one of those quiet revolutionaries of the literary small press community; and, rounding out the word-goodness are some syntactical hi-jinks from Don L. F. Nilsen, Michael Constantine McConnell, Richard Lederer, and Will Shortz.

Yeah, I’m a TOC-mate of Richard Lederer and Will Shortz, which is something I never expected to happen. I blame Farrago. For a lot of things, actually, but this time I’m speaking of that laudanum addicted, urine swilling, horse lover in a nice way.

I know that, around here at least, talk of the Wainscot has been indelibly linked with talking about HARRY, but that’s only because I’m wrapped up in the serial. You shouldn’t forget that Farrago has other plans, and this year-long exhibit delivers the strange and wonderous quarterly as well.

Off to scroll through the spam some more now. The kids will be up soon, and I need to get a little more done before the waffle makin’ starts.