Drug of Choice


I was looking over some random notes and scraps of things and realized there’s an anthology deadline coming up mid-month that I wanted to submit something to, and . . . ah . . . I don’t have anything in the queue. All I’ve got is a half-realized novel that I’m reconfiguring, and that’s not quite helpful. But, as I’ve been reconsidering the main character’s voice and background, I realize I could just throw everything aside and start with a blank slate. A clean easel. An empty page, waiting to be filled.

And, since then I have been hyped up like I’ve been drinking coffee all day. It’s the wide open canvas. It’s the best sort of aphrodisiac.

I really do love this creative cusp, and it can persist in a project for some time as I don’t necessarily know what is going to happen next. Sure, the slog of editing and re-writing can be a bore, but that’s a different sort of toolset, and once you realize that is the case and bring the right tools to the job, then this initial burst of “what is the limit of what I can do?” is quite marvelous.

Hello, 2008. I think I’m ready for you.