Drafting One’s Way


Finished up the first draft of the second Nickolas Caspian story tonight (the first one can be found in Vol 1 of The Misfit Library). Introduced the first hints of the bigger canvas and brought in some of the secondary characters who are going to be running about the world with Nick and his fucked up eyeball. Got some fun plans for Nick and Glory and Brutus, and I’ll just keep on doling them out piecemeal so as to feed my need for monster stories.

I should have been working on the rewrite plan for SOULS but finishing the draft of this has been a good opportunity for me to figure out my new writing arrangements. We’re still terribly unfinished in the unpacking business (not to mention still working on selling the old house) and we haven’t had the time or energy to find our work zones yet. So I’m snatching writing time when I can, where I can. Wrote half-sentences while in a stupor today on the train rides and banged out 500 words during lunch. Probably should have been cleaning the toilets at the old place while I was over there watering tonight but I just really wanted to get something done so I didn’t feel I was completely off-schedule. (Next time, really, I get the crappers. Really.)

I hate writing in 500 word blocks. There is so little time to actually get anything done before you have to close up and leave. It has been a tiny version of how I wrote SOULS: think through the next section and sketch it out when I’m not writing, write it quickly and expediently when I can, leave myself hanging on the next bit and continue. Though, while I was working on chapter length sections before, now I’m stuck with partial scenes. It’s an ugly way to write and I hope it’ll all work itself out once we get more firmly settled.

But it is progress. I just have to find time for it every day and do what I can. The math speaks for itself if you are consistent and regular. Bursts of speed writing must give way to regular infrequencies.

Ah, my very own oxymoron. That does sum up how I feel.