I’ve got a stack of commentary from the lads at Scribe about the draft of SOULS_ONE (which, until we get done arguing about the title will be the simpler working title). Nothing terribly surprising and mostly things I kind of already knew in my secret heart of hearts but hadn’t really bothered to consciously recognize. I guess I was waiting for someone else to notice the seams before seeking to point them out. So, I’ve got some things to do on the book and, while I certainly frittered away the last few weeks being sick, hanging with the family and playing video games (Star Wars Legos and Dungeon Seige 2), I’m actually glad to be actively thinking about the book again.

It’s funny how you massage things as best you can and then, four weeks later, look at them and think, “Who thought that was solid?” And your brain spits out a better scenario that cuts to the quick so much more effectively. Funny, that. No, actually, annoying. I guess it is just part of the learning process.

I’ve also been trying to clear my desk of some records. Recent reviews at Igloo include Bluetech’s Sines and Singularities, Scanalyzer’s On The One And The Zero, a selection of records for International FAX Day (the first Thursday of the year where FAX devotees spend the day listening to just FAX records), and a couple for n5md releases. There. Small corner of my desk cleared. Now I have a spot for snacks while I settle in and crack this book in half. Again.