Cherry Pink!


Nearly 2K on the Even Side of PSYCHOBABEL. We call this “truckin’ along!” Only, er, A LOT to go. I’ve been spending a lot of time wrestling with the basic format, and have finally opted to move forward. I think the Odd Side will fall together naturally once there is Even Side material to play off. I think. As you can imagine, it hasn’t been like sitting in the living room, sucking down bon-bons while catching up on LOST. This whole idea of linear hypertext is a bit tricky. I’ve been looking at number of books for inspiration and examples of things to avoid: Danielewski’s House of Leaves, of course; Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and The Castle of Crossed Destinies; a number of things from the Dalkey Archive Press; Siegel’s Love in a Dead Language; Wallace’s Infinite Jest; Sterne’s Tristram Shandy.

Anything else? Drop ’em in the comments. Things that rely on footnotes only as a means of fucking with the audience barely count, but note ’em anyway. I’m a curious sort of procrastinator.

We went to IHOP yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day breakfast. Solomon had “Cherry pink!” and I’ve co-opted it already to something much more sinister than a smiley face pancake with bananas and strawberry yogurt. This will come back to bite me in a decade when he can’t sleep because he’s read this book and “Cherry pink!” is haunting him, but what else is a dad to do with a running fount of surrealist imagery? Just ignore it?