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The Bookworm meme: three sentences following the fifth sentence on page 123 of the nearest book.

“Hordenine is found as one to ten percent of the total alkaloids of Trichocereus taquimbalensis. Large doses of hordenine can raise blood pressure, increase the heartbeat and paralyze frogs. Arthur Heffter found 100 mg (more than would accompany an active dose of Trichocereus taquimbalensis) to be without effect. (Dale Pendell, Pharmakognosis)

It’s on the top of a stack of things about ethnobotany, shamanistic techniques and psychedelics: all part of the research for tOMoHP. Second chapter is going up next week, darinbradley and I are bit-wrangling to make it all seem so very smooth, and I’m in the throes of a later month. Which is a lot of the reason I’ve been invisible. That, and I’ve been rereading VALIS and The Invisibles. Among other things.

I should make a bibliography for tOMoHP. Maybe hide it in the story somewhere. Or a page.