Barth Anderson + Portland + Sunday = Fun


My pal, Barth Anderson [barthanderson], is spending Father’s Day away from his family. So, to lessen his separation anxiety, he’s doing a reading. Where? Portland, OR. At St. John’s Books. Sunday, 2pm.

He’ll be reading from The Magician and the Fool, of course, because that’s what he’s shilling these days. It’ll be fun. If you’re in the area, you should drop by and say hello.

Oh, wait! Bonus! I’ll be there too. We laughingly called it the “Guerilla Surrealism Circus” yesterday, and well, Barth is on a plane now so he can’t stop me from throwing the title out there: Guerilla Surrealism Circus Featuring Barth Anderson and the Pips* it is. Once Barth is done reading, a cavalcade of guest stars will take the stage for brief, glorious moments of literary insanity** and then, poof!, we’ll all vanish to the nearest brew pub where we will laugh and laugh about this into the night.


*wheatland_press nailed the full title, I think.
**For those who have been wondering about the tarot reading Barth and I did at Wiscon, what I will be reading will be a response to that flurry of weather and card-throwing.