And, A Few Days Ago


I have been meaning to catch up on the Locus Awards weekend, but it would appear that whatever stories I have to tell pale in comparison to Saturday night. So, yes, let’s just point you over to jlassen‘s post.*

Friday, though, was much more low-key. I got to hang out with Jeremy and Cherie Priest [cmpriest], do the Underground Tour, discover that I know nearly nothing about Seattle even after living in this region for 13+ years as compared to the Font of Local Knowledge that bubbles from Cherie’s noggin, have a late afternoon snack at Wild Ginger, watch Nancy Pearl interview William Gibson, and hob-nob with a couple of the new Clarion gang at the reception afterward.

And yes, afterward there was some of that Liquor Summoning Magick.


*And, for the record, I was at home with the family, falling asleep on the couch while watching Tristram Shandy. Really.