A story about the little story that keeps going


David De Beer is collecting nominations for his own Martian Approved Marshmallows (MAM) awards, i.e. his favorite selections of the fantasy, science fiction, and horror fiction of the year. He’s broken things down into a number of entertaining categories, and I would direct your attention to Weird-O-Thingamajigs, where he’s got stories by Jeff Vandermeer, Elizabeth Bear, Cat Rambo, Holly Philips, and Nisi Shawl. That’s a nice list. On recent update, there are now stories by Joseph Paul Haines, Samantha Henderson, Josh Roundtree, and, well, me.

There you have it. “How The Mermaid Lost Her Song” is having more legs than I ever thought it would. That tickles me. That someone thinks of it highly enough to put it on the same shelf as the above company tickles me even more.