A Day Filled With Galloping and Gnashing


What I have been doing all morning? Fucking with Oracle.

What should I have been doing, if, indeed, I wanted to have a less stressful, more enjoyable, day? Reading Paper Cities.

Paper Cities, An Anthology of Urban Fantasy

What’s this? you ask. Why, just a smart spanking of a book that collects stories about, in, around, under, behind, between, and over cities. Written by such tricksters and charlatans as Forrest Aguirre, Barth Anderson, Steve Berman, Darin Bradley, Stephanie Campisi, Hal Duncan, Mike Jasper, Vylar Kaftan, Jay Lake, Paul Meloy, Richard Parks, Ben Peek, Cat Rambo, Jenn Reese, David Schwartz, Cat Sparks, Anna Tambour, Mark Teppo, Catherynne M. Valente, Greg van Eekhout, and Kaaron Warren. Edited with a firm hand by Ekaterina Sedia, published by Senses Five Press, and available damn near everywhere. Or, for the house-bound: Amazon.