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New Words: building the connective tissue
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I’m back in the shipping container again, having it out with the Hero and his Obsession. She (the Obsession, and really, it isn’t as two-dimensional as that, it’s just easier to gloss over 50K words by giving them labels) took the whole invented history thread pretty well and actually stepped up and played ball. Nicely done, young lady. (Yes, I am going to pat myself on the back a little here. It’s been a long week of tweaking lines and paragraphs to fold in the deeper understanding of the Relationship With The Obsession and I am pleased to have arrived at a key plot point and found everyone on the same page.)

Now that I’ve Resolved the Obsession, I still have to properly connect the Blowing Shit Up of the Second Half to the Obsessive Quest of the First Half so that it does seem like one book and not two glued together somewhere aroung page 214. All of this quasi coded notation here is really just to say: I have made progress and I am still alive. Thanks for checking in.

I’m also obsessing (speaking of) over the fact that I seem to be listening to a lot more Enigma than I thought. Now that I’ve gone and drunk the Apple Kool-aid and can more readily dump the statistics from a day’s worth of mobile listening, I’ve started to wonder about the trends that are showing up. (I mean, look at that. Top Three: Engima, Garden of Delight, and Bong-Ra. Based on those names, no one will believe me when I say I am not out toking up behind the chemical shed.)