Day Whatever


I’m losing them already, not yet two weeks into this new year. Days, that is. I’m losing them. Oh, I know where they’re going; they’re just not going where and how they should. Which is mostly a prioritization issue. I am still on winter hibernation sugar coma brain.

We rounded up the team and dragged our asses back into the collective virtual space that is our daily Google Hangout, and have been stunned and excited to realize that we did, actually, manage to produce six books last year. Five actually came out, and the sixth one–the second volume of the Cady Collection–hit the warehouse on December 30th. Because publishing never sleeps, kids. Never.

Or maybe it does, and we’re still too eager to realize that. Regardless, more books than can be counted on one hand last year for us. That’s something.

And Farrago’s Wainscot relaunches today with issue 13. I had little to do with the stories and the behind the scenes code updating, but I’m delighted that it is the thirteenth issue with which the Old Man decides to return. More wacky experimental fiction.

Last year, I put out a collection (The Court of Lies) and a Christmas novel (Rudolph!). Neither were really on my to-do list at the beginning of last year, but they’re out now and so they go in the WIN! column. Getting content into the WIN! column is all that really matters. The details of how it gets there isn’t important. Well, maybe to me, because the process might have been some terrifying ordeal that I don’t want to repeat, but we are not going to dwell on those things now, are we?

Three issues of Cimarronin came out as well, and the other three have been scripted. It’s taken longer than I would have liked to put out six issues of a comic, but we decided we would re-invent the wheel once or twice along the way. Happily, we’ve got lots of pages for Dean Kotz to draw, so we’re out of the doghouse on that one. Colors for the first issue of the second arc have been making their way through our work flow, and so I’m hoping these issues will be available in the next few months.

I wrote 30,000 words on VERTIGO, 30,000 words on a draft of something else that is going to get scrapped and/or recycled into another project, and a bunch of words polishing material that ended up in The Court of Lies and Rudolph! In the last week of the year, I managed 20K on FERAL, but those words will probably end up in 2015’s count. There’s been about 20K worth of words written for the ETERNAL QUEEN theme for Worldspinner. All in all, about 100K or so words written in 2014 with no new book finished. Other than the three issue arc of Cimarronin in the spring, I don’t have any material scheduled for 2015. Yet. The year is young.

In my notebook, I three projects tagged as having been started at the beginning of 2013: HERE BE MONSTERS, BLOOD HARVEST, and ANGEL TONGUE. EVERGREEN showed up in 2014. None of those books have been finished. New projects are VERTIGO and FERAL. HERE BE MONSTERS has become ETERNAL QUEEN. Otherwise, things are in flux. Life as a writer without a contract. I’m going to label 2015 as the Year of Content. 2013 was the WTF? year. 2014 was Firebird Rising. This year is about making content.

So, yes, I don’t know what day it is, but it’s probably a writing day, regardless.