May Metrics


I spent Memorial Day weekend in Missoula, MT, attending MisCon, one of my favorite writer-friendly conventions. I did the Jumpstart Your Novel presentation again, and was harangued by the audience about the fact that I hadn’t turned that presentation into an actual self-help book yet. And so, I’ll be working on that this week, among other things.

Now that Resurrection House has gotten itself good and launched, I can spend more time working on my own writing again. The fingers are a bit stiff still, and the brain is a little dusty, but things are starting to sort themselves out in that regard. I’ve got some goals set, and am cranking away at them. Here are some metrics for those who are interested in those sorts of things.

May total words: 62,000
Average/day: 2,000
Completed: 3 short stories, one novelette, 30K on SNAKE EYES

The shorter pieces are off to various outlets. More news as their status changes. I got to 62K on SNAKE EYES and finally admitted to myself what the characters have been telling me for some time: it’s overly complicated and unnecessarily so. Back to the basics for me, and over the weekend, I managed to finally let go of some old story elements that were getting in the way of writing a crackling tale.

Sometimes I make this extra hard on myself, I know.

But, it’s June now. I’m pretty pleased with my progress for May. I’m not quite at my daily goal state, but 2K a day (on average) is a good start. I’d like to finish SNAKE EYES, the Jumpstart book, and get a few proposals and other stories done. This is life in the word mines. You just keeping plugging away.

[Picture taken by one of the three authors whose books are in that picture; I don’t recall who, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.]