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Link round-up today while I’m off banging out words in the catacombs.

Late last week, I dropped by the Clarion West house and entertained this year’s crop of students for a bit, doing the dog-and-pony about epublishing and urban fantasy. They were nicely attentive and didn’t roll their eyes too many times at my soap-boxing. So very kind of them. During the party, later in the evening, I learned that the fall workshop schedule had been posted. I’m doing the one in October.

Called “Jumpstart Your Novel,” it’s the six-hour version of the two-hour talk I did at Norwescon back in March. I packed the room during the con version, and we didn’t have enough time to cover all the material I had. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do this again, both with more time and with a smaller class size. So, yes, registration is limited, and I believe it is filling up already.

Writer pal Jonathan Wood has a new book out called No Hero and it posits as its entertaining premise the question of “What would Kurt Russell do?” Plus it has all sorts of eldritch horrors. He’s serializing a story over at Geek Dad these next few weeks, and here’s a link to Case File #1 and Case File #2.

Annoyingly, there isn’t a way to get to Case File #2 from the first one. Hopefully, they’ll go back and update the first post with the subsequent links.

Speaking of posts and updating, I’ve gone and written something for DARKLINE, the other blog. A bit of ruminating on magickal systems. I have been remiss on keeping up with the esoteric studies. Many distractions offered by life, of course.

Including the fact that grass can’t be bothered to grow on its own. You have to manage it. Stupid grass. More annoyingly, the neighbor across the street who already has an immaculate lawn has decided to rip out the front edge and plant shrubbery. Most of which he accomplished in the course of a single day. Over-achiever.