Summer Is Here; It Must Be August, Finally

Book Talk

Summer–those extended days of cloudless skies and heat–eventually arrives in August, it seems. I grew up in the desert, where summer arrived three days after the wild flowers bloomed in the mountains, and it always throws me that “summer” is always half over before the days turn successively hot. “Successively” is the key word here. We tend to have a half day of rain just as you’re getting ready to mow the lawn.

And we’re fully into the dog days already. Even the cat is too worn out by the sun to put up much of an argument when I shoo him back indoors. Motivation is difficult to sustain, and interest in anything other than wondering when the ice cream man is coming ’round is hard to dredge up. The words, they come slowly in the heat. A good time, perhaps, to go through the old stacks of paperwork that need filing or shredding, or to finally get around to alphabetizing the library. Or even figuring out where everything is. Back in the day, I remember how confounding it was that our European Overlords took August off. There is something to that, I think.

The Rouge edition of Scarlet Imprint’s Red Goddess is out, complete with a lovely cover by Christopher Conn Askew.

The Red Goddess was Scarlet Imprint’s first publication, re-released now in paperback form for those who missed getting their hands on Her the first time around. It was a mighty roar of an arrival, this one, and as Peter Grey says in his introduction, it isn’t necessary to be an old hoary hand at Magick in order to find something new in this book. You simply had to be “young, raw, hungry, and passionate.”

In the summer heat, when motivation comes slowly, one could do worse than to rediscover their muse. Though, as Grey notes, “in the end the words will not count.”