March 2020

Book Talk, Status Update

March 2020

In the Mansion of Madness came out a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing a few readings here and there, introducing people to the idea of training for the Night Office. So far, it seems like a core decision choice comes down to which path has more kissing and which path has more ass-kicking. There are some who think there should be both, and it is the writer’s job to find that sweet balance.

In the Mansion of Madness: Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo

And speaking of writer brain, Harry Bryant has stopped by. There’s that second Butch Bliss novel that needs a final editorial pass. I’m deep in the weeds on it. Expect to see ordering information on it by the end of the month.

It starts with Butch heading across the border in a cherry red Mercedes, along with four drunk co-eds and a tree python. Naturally, things get complicated from there.

Reading/Watching: I read James S. A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes a few years ago, and enjoyed the hell out of it. For some reason, I didn’t get back to The Expanse after that. I have no good excuse other than there are a lot of books lying around. However, I did pick up Caliban’s War recently, and yep, Franck and Abraham certainly know how to plot a book. I’ve got Nemesis Games on deck, and I’m about halfway through the second season of the TV show. It’s been interesting to watch how the narrative has been restructured for TV.

Playing: I stumbled upon a copy of Anachrony the other day, which has been on my watch list for over a year. I’m looking forward to digging into that. We’ve also been enjoying Flotilla and Bunny Kingdom. I’m still looking for something that’ll fill that need for a really deep strategy game, but that desire is constantly in opposition to the chunk of time such a game will require.