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  • ℗ 2013 47North
  • Format: trade, ebook, audio book
  • Type: Novel
  • File Under: alternate history, western martial arts, historical adventure fiction, secret societies, virtuous knights, epic fantasy

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The death of the fearsome Ögedei Khan has brought the Mongol invasion of the West to an abrupt halt. Exhausted, plagued by uncertainty and self-doubt, and reeling from betrayal by one of their own, the surviving Shield-Brethren struggle across a frozen, shattered wasteland to return home after their desperate battle in Mongolia.

Their mission is complete—Christendom has been saved—but new and terrible questions haunt each member of the company: Are they heroes or villains? Or just pawns in a larger game, trapped in a world gone mad in the wake of the unspeakable devastation visited upon it by the Mongol horde? And most poignant of all, where—and what—is “home” now, and what will be their place in the world they fought to defend?

Katabasis, a new novel in the acclaimed Foreworld Saga, follows the survivors as they struggle to confront their own fears and decide who they truly are—and whom they will ultimately serve.

Co-written with Joseph Brassey, Cooper Moo, and Angus Trim.

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