Works in Progress

January is almost over, and while I have gotten to a point where I loath writing for the blog, the last entry was the one where I noted that my cat died. It’s probably time for us all to move on past that, especially since New Cat has already adopted a movement pattern in the …

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Eulogy for Enkidu

The trouble with giving your pet a name that has significant symbolic and mythological relevance is that you get everything that comes with the name—good and bad. And while you can be clever and ha ha ha! laugh some of it off for awhile, eventually, everything comes full circle. Let’s start at the end, and …

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The Sunday Morning Post

My pal Adam Rakunas has just moved, bought a house, laments the lack of time to write, and still manages to kick out an entertaining and educational newsletter. I am not jealous of my friends’ ability to get shit done, but if I were, Adam would be at the top of the list right now. …

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burning armchair

June Metrics

Let’s get right to the numbers for June. Total words: 41,250 Average per day: 1,331 Completed: one short story, one non-fiction book “All for One,” one of the stories I wrote last month, has officially sold. It’ll be in Ragnarok Publishing’s MECH anthology later this year. They’ll be Kickstarting it in the fall, and I’m …

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May Metrics

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Missoula, MT, attending MisCon, one of my favorite writer-friendly conventions. I did the Jumpstart Your Novel presentation again, and was harangued by the audience about the fact that I hadn’t turned that presentation into an actual self-help book yet. And so, I’ll be working on that this week, among …

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Miscon, Out in Big Sky Country

One of the presentations I did at the Creative Ink Festival was a new iteration on the Jumpstart Your Novel dog and pony show that I’ve been doing off and on for a few years now. Since CIF, I’ve done it a handful more times for a number of 8th grade classrooms. In each instance, …

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Creative Ink Festival 2015

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of being the Guest of Honor at Sandra Wickham’s inaugural Creative Ink Festival. Held up in Burnaby, BC, the Festival was a day-long event, packed with panels and presentations for writers, artists, and readers. I like doing panels at conventions and usually tell programming folks that I don’t …

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Dodging Work

I still read a few newsletters, mostly from folks who are very diligent about posting regularly, and whose missives are always a delight to read. They usually offer at least one interesting thing to go read/look at/listen to. I like receiving these missives because they let me know that other people are busy thinking/dreaming/creating. I …

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A Hint of Moon

There’s a stretch of road that always makes my brain churn out content. I don’t really know why. It’s not a very interesting stretch of road, and at any given time, it can be terribly snarled with traffic. But, for some reason, along that ten mile ribbon of road, my mind gets to writing, and …

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Thinking about Harry Potemkin

I’ve turned in another draft of Eternal Queen materials for Worldspinner. This was an interesting project, with opportunities to flex my brain in new ways. The world of the Eternal Queen was reduced to a title card of “Pirates and Sea Monsters!” and I was asked to produce a short story, a dozen points of …

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