I write books. The latest one is Sit the F*ck Down and Write, a collection of thoughts and observations that have been the backbone of a number of seminars, workshops, and presentations over the last few years.

Portions of this book appeared in Jumpstart Your Novel and Planning, Plotting, and Progress, which are both now out of print. The remaining material from Planning, Plotting, and Progress will appear again in the near future, with more like-minded content. The writer evolves, after all, and so does his approach to sharing his knowledge.

Sit the F*ck Down and Write is available wherever fine books are sold, and it is also available as an ebook in all the usual formats. Please visit your favorite bookstore or retailer and inquire about a copy.

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Bilal’s Immortel


We started watching Immortel last night. I found a Blu-Ray edition in the cheap bins the other day, and as the old DVD I had was a somewhat suspect Russian-made all-region DVD, I snapped it up. I’m glad I did. Blu-Ray makes for much better viewing, and a lot of the animation is more seamless than I remember. Unfortunately, we were tired enough that we didn’t make it far into the film, but it is a film that tried–rather faithfully–to translate the graphic novel to the screen while still leveraging some of the aspects of film that you can’t do well with a graphic novel.

Plus it’s Enik Bilal. The Nikopol Trilogy was one of the first book reviews I ever had published.