WFC Appearance

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I’ll be attending World Fantasy Convention next week in San Diego, CA. While seeing all of my pals, I will also be moderating a panel on Thursday evening at 10:00PM. It’s called “Magic and Metaphysics.” Here’s the panel description:

What makes a magic system believable? Authors and world builders create the rules that govern their magic when the whole point of magic, one would think, is to break the rules. Is it reasonable to try to constrain magic by the laws of nature? Bonewitz proposed a whole set of rules based on principles such as similarity and contagion? Is a logical and consistent magical system actually magic?

It’ll be held in Pacific 2/3, which I would assume to a nicely sized room. On the panel with me are Ted Chiang, Kristin Janz, and Peter Orullian. Drop by. It looks like it will be a fun panel.