The Mongoliad As Print Book

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Amazon Publishing launched 47North this morning. It’s their new SF/F imprint, and one of the headlining title is The Mongoliad.*

Just look at that cover art. I am more than a little pleased. Thrilled, even. Jumping up and down, in fact.

Book One will be released in April 2012. You can click through on that link to be taken to the Amazon page for the book. Book Two and Book Three will be released in fairly quick succession, which means that, by Christmas, you will be able to stack the entirety of The Mongoliad by your fireplace to give the reindeer something to read while Santa raids your refrigerator.

*Yes, I realize The Mongoliad appears to be slightly altered historical fiction, certainly not enough–at first glance–to warrant being classified as “fantasy.” But that first glance barely scratches the surface of what’s going on in Foreworld.