Earth Thirst Arrives in January

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Night Shade has announced their winter schedule, and Earth Thirst is right there at the end with a planned January release date. Something you can spend your Christmas money on. NSB has a product page up which includes the marketing copy (but no cover art, yet). A bit of a hint of where I’m taking the vampire mythology.

We’re still rolling through Mongoliad press around here. I have a post on John Scalzi’s Whatever this morning (thank you, sir!). We did a video roundtable for Tom and Victoria at Sword and Laser on Monday, which is up on YouTube already. It’s pretty cool that we could do a group interview with most of the team like that without technology getting in the way.

As intimated in the Whatever Big Idea and in the video interview, the team is back at work on the next piece of Foreworld history. It’s not that we stopped between Janaury and now; it’s more that we went into brainstorming mode and have been collecting ideas. There’s a structure emerging, and we’re going to disappear again for awhile as we go make things up. Book Two of The Mongoliad is scheduled for September, and I believe Book Three is penciled in for February. The short stories will start tumbling like fall leaves in the appropriate season, I would expect. There will be a lot for people to read in the next year.

That makes me happy. We’ve got you covered, folks.

2 thoughts on “Earth Thirst Arrives in January

  1. I have to ask this…

    I bought Mongoliad Book 1, but I now found out that:
    1) there’s a prequel;
    2) the prequel is only in kindle format;
    3) there’s also going to be a special Mongoliad edition including the prequel.

    So my question is: is there going to be a paper version of the prequel, or those who want it must buy Mongoliad’s special edition (which would be fine by me if I hadn’t bought Mongoliad already…)?

  2. At this time, there are planned novella prequels that will be in each of the deluxe editions. The deluxe edition of Book 1 is scheduled to be released day and date with Book 2 (in September). Book 2’s deluxe edition will be released in September as well. And yes, these novellas will also be available as Kindle ebooks.

    The deluxe editions will contain other content as well, which I’ve seen but I’m going to let 47North Marketing announce.

    I don’t know if 47North is going to do a print edition that will collect all of these prequel novellas. They’re thematically linked, so it would be easy to do, but I haven’t heard.

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