Wiscon Programming


My programming appearance at Wiscon, for those who are curious as to what I’m doing in an official capacity.

Saturday, 10.00AM – 11.15AM (in Conference2) ~

READING: The Scribe Agency Dreamtime Commandos

Forrest Aguirre
Darin Bradley
Mark Teppo
Robert Wexler

Our submitted title was “The dark spelunker sundered beneath withered gravid grimoire,” and somehow that got babelized to SADC. Frankly, we’re thinking about re-titling it to “Bob Wexler’s Dream Police” and hauling in the karaoke machine to do Cheap Trick covers for an hour, and then speed reading through our stories in fifteen minutes.

In an un-official capacity, I’ll be tending bar at the Scribe/Electric Velocipede/Wheatland Press party Friday night. There will be Scribe-brewed beer (and God knows what those lads are making this year), as well as other literary shenanigans. We’ll be celebrating the release of Barth Anderson’s (barthanderson) new book, The Magician and the Fool; the sale of Doug Lain’s (douglain) book, Billy Moon; the release of EV issue #14; the up-coming release of my book, Lightbreaker*; and there may be some PSYCHOBABEL silliness.

And yes: Friday night party, Saturday morning reading. I may show up in my pajamas, without having properly prepared myself for meeting the public. We will probably be doing espresso shots in the elevator on the way down.

[EDIT: Deb pointed out that Wheatland Press is part of the fun too. My fault. That’s what trying to throw together a post while kids are crawling on you gets. She’ll be bringing Josh Roundtree’s Can’t Buy Me Faded Love and David Levine’s collection, Space Magic, to the party. Well, the con. You’ll probably have to get them from the dealer’s room, but we’ll be celebrating both collections upstairs.

Whew. It’s a long way from the first one where we were celebrating . . . ah, beer, I think.]

*Yes, I know. I’m Amazon-linking my own book. It’s my first time. It’s like, validation, or something. I even added it to my “Wish List,” because, well, yeah, I’d like to see it too.

New Material At Membra Disjecta


I’ve got an article in the latest issue of Membra Disjecta. “The Shamanistic Technique of World Weirding” where I roll up some of the commentary on the Next Weird that’s been rolling around my head for the last few weeks. And I invent some new techniques, ’cause I’ll need them later.

Anyway, I’ve been deep in the editorial process with LIGHTBREAKER and spending the rest of my brain cycles trying to sort out the format for PSYCHOBABEL. I saw the light this weekend and realized no one, even me, wants to read an instruction manual, which has been liberating. It was a small albatross that I had been carrying around without completely knowing why.

I built a little one-time pad generator last night, which was sort of silly as I’m only going to need it ONCE, but writting the .php code was easier than trying to cycle through the alphabet several times by hand and making it seem random. That’s a sure sign that I’m not getting out enough.